Low Mood Musings

Hello, it’s Gog here.

I want to discuss the trials that face people with mental health issues trying to cope with an episode of depression. For almost 6 years I have been caring for my partner who suffers from Bipolar Disorder. I’ve tried my utmost to learn and adapt to making her life more manageable during the low side of her mood swings.

Understanding a low episode is incredibly difficult for somebody who has never suffered from such a severe mental health problem, and it has taken me years to gain any insight at all into the trials of a depressive mood.

One way in which a low mood can manifest is that living every day life can become near impossible. To say that small problems become huge, insurmountable issues is a massive oversimplification. Although this is true, it is not just problems (such as missing the bus or spilling a drink) that are an issue.

Decisions can feel strenuous to make and may only cause the depression to spiral downwards. Simple daily tasks that most people could barely consider an action are often unreasonably challenging. A huge stumbling point for my partner is choosing what to eat (eg. for lunch) and this often results in hours lost in misery.

As a carer for somebody suffering with these issues it can be easy to forget that the activities that make up our lives may not be possible for a depressed individual.

For some people, becoming more active in outgoing activities can help them through an episode…but it is a common misconception that this works for everybody. As much as this helps one person, it may be utterly miserable and an added stressor for another.

Very few blanket statements exist in dealing with depression and nothing is black and white with this complex health issue.


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