Hello Doctor, it’s me again…

Tomorrow I’m phoning our GP again…he’s going to be sick of hearing from me.

I’m going to ask if there would be any way he could either be there with us at the appointment for the psychiatrist, or if the psychiatrist could meet us at the GP surgery. Or what about having a video chat with the psychiatrist in the Doctor’s room?

The issues with the appointment with the psychiatrist is going to be:

–> We will get the letter in advance, which means more time for Anon to get stressed and work herself up over it (that seems to be belittling the problem, she won’t just be ‘a bit stressed’, she will be flat out terrified)
–> The appointment will be with a psychiatrist that Anon hasn’t met before and we don’t know anything about them, unlike with the new GP where we fished about for the most gentle and understanding Doctor
–> The appointment will be in an environment where Anon is going to be extremely uncomfortable, either an entirely new place or somewhere with bad associations
–>A GP appointment lasts around ten minutes, whereas a psychiatrist appointment usually lasts at least 45 minutes, and sometimes longer than an hour

I don’t know what is possible, or what they’d be willing to do, to make things easier for Anon…but surely something has to be possible?

Things seem to be going to shit left right and centre at the moment.

As Anon would say, “it never rains but it pours.”


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