It’s okay, I really don’t need to sleep…

I stopped Seroquel in July 2015.

As soon as I stopped I couldn’t sleep. I’ve been on this med before and my body always comes to rely on it for sleep; this means for several weeks / a month after stopping I can’t sleep at all…for me this is pretty serious as it could easily trigger a manic episode.

Of course the professionals don’t warn you of this side effect before prescribing you Seroquel. There’s no mention of it affecting your sleep when you stop taking it, even though it can have such drastic consequences for those with Bipolar.

I struggled with sleep for months and months after stopping the Seroquel; I’d spend hours in bed going out of my mind, only grabbing a few hours fragmented sleep a night.

It started in July and continued into November. By then I was heaving daily headaches and frequently feeling nauseous, I assume from lack of sleep; I was irritable and started to really hate going up to bed every night.

There were a few weeks this month where my sleep seemed to improve, for no apparent reason, and I thought things were back to normal. I was falling asleep within half an hour of going up to bed and I was sleeping 8 hours a night. It wasn’t my usual 10 hours (I need a lot of sleep -__- ) but by god it was nice!

In the past week sleep is evading me again. It’s 9.45am and I’ve had half an hour’s sleep tonight. I’m so fucking tired.

It can’t still be the Seroquel, can it?? Why would I have a few weeks of sleeping okay and then have it all go to shit again?!

It’s not that I’ve been manic, or even faintly hypomanic…mostly since summer I’ve been in a depressive episode. Right now my mood’s in the pits so why the hell can’t I sleep…am I slowly going manic?

If I am, I’m not complaining. Anything to get out of this fucking depression.


3 thoughts on “It’s okay, I really don’t need to sleep…

    • I saw a GP 1.5 months ago and he sent off an urgent referral for me to see a psychiatrist, but haven’t heard anything since.

      I managed to stay awake until 8pm yesterday after only half an hour’s sleep, so I thought I’d sleep at least 10 hours tonight…I woke up at 1am and have been awake since.

      I just want to sleep.

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