Thank you Trazodone

I said I slept 10 hours after taking Trazodone yesterday…that’s not strictly true.

I slept for 10 hours, stayed up for 4 hours, then slept another 4 hours!! I guess my body really needed to catch up on sleep, I haven’t slept properly since summer after all 😛

I took Trazodone again last night, just another 50mg. I got the woozy ‘drunk’ head about ten minutes after taking it, then realised I hadn’t taken it with food. I had a late night snack and lo and behold the swishy head went away.

I slept nine and a half hours last night 🙂

It is SO NICE to be able to sleep again, I am over the moon. I also don’t feel so bad about taking Trazodone for sleep when technically it is an anti-depressant…I always hear bad things about sleeping pills.

When I manage to get a GP appt I’m hopeful they will let me stay on such a low dose of Trazodone. I’m a little scared about telling the Dr that I took an old med without speaking to a medical professional (especially a med that sent me manic on a much higher dose) but there wasn’t much else we could do at the time.

Plus we’ve been waiting for an urgent referral for a month and a half, and I just needed help (or, more importantly, sleep) a little sooner than that…so I sorted it out myself 😛


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