Another nightmare yesterday.

This one involved me walking our oldest dog, and my partner was up ahead because we’d had an argument. We were walking from our village into town.

On the opposite side of the road an elderly brindle Staffy was walking past (this is a sweet old dog that we see fairly often). We carried on walking, me and my dog, and a few minutes later I heard the thudding of something running to us behind, and a low threatening growl.

I turned around and there was a HUGE Newfoundland running at us!!

I stood in front of my dog, assuming the Newfie was after him, but the dog ran straight past us…and launched itself at my partner 😥

I dropped my dog’s lead and told him “Run; go home!” (apparently he understood this in the dream) then, screaming hysterically, I started to run to my partner to help, but he seemed so far away. This giant dog was leaping at my partner and savaging, biting him, and he was trying desperately to get away. It was horrible.

As I was running to him a car approached, and I felt overwhelming relief that someone was here to help.

The car stopped, and then begin turning around, to go back the other way. I ran to the car flapping my arms, desperate for them to stop. A man in the back tried to get out to help, but the driver yelled at him and sped off. Meanwhile the dog was still jumping at Gog as he tried to get it away.

Then I woke up. No more sleep for me after that!

Now the terrifying thing was, yesterday we actually walked into town (minus our dog and obviously walking together), and at the exact point I had seen the brindle Staffy in my dream, we saw the brindle Staffy…IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE AS MY DREAM! I don’t know what that means, Gog says it means nothing but I’m always convinced random things mean something. I was pretty freaked out, and Gog had to work hard to keep me calm.

Tonight I didn’t have any nightmares, but I did wake up at 5am with my mouth flooded with acid, so much so that I started coughing and choking. I never had a problem with acid reflux before I took Quetiapine / Ebesque last year. I’ve been off that med since summer and still have acid reflux 😦

Has anyone else had this?!

So I am awake early again. I’ve been doing some colouring. We spent £7 that we don’t have on some posh colouring markers yesterday…they haven’t been as good as we hoped, because all the colours are far darker then their lids, but they’re still cool!

We have too many colouring pens to fit in our home-made container now 😀


It was so full we couldn’t get them out; if you held it upside down none fell haha!

I switched our rodent food into a different tub, and now the pens have a new home 🙂


And my awesome dog colouring book, this is one of the quickest / easiest ones in there.



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