We are forgotten

Gog here.

I have been trying to get Anon help, desperately, since around September. At first I had to persuade her she needed help, and that it wouldn’t be too scary to ask for it. That took a long time.

Then in early November we saw our GP, who referred us for an urgent psychiatrist appointment.

When we didn’t hear anything for two months I contacted our GP again, and finally Single Point of Access got in touch. We made an appointment, only to find out it was with a nurse, although they said we could see a psychiatrist immediately after it.

Remember, a psychiatrist is the only person who can prescribe the medication Anon desperately needs.

At the appointment we were told the service no longer had a psychiatrist, so there was no chance of us seeing one. The nurse we had the appointment with said she would phone us in a week’s time (that would be the Tuesday of this week) to let us know where she had managed to get Anon help, and when we would be seeing a psychiatrist.

Guess what? Tuesday came and went, and I heard nothing from her.

If I sound bitter here, or annoyed, it’s because I am.

I know for a fact Anon can’t cope much more. Imagine constantly seeing, hearing and thinking terrifying things that you really believe are true. Imagine feeling so terrified almost all the time that you can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t talk, can’t leave the house…can’t even feel safe inside the house! And I feel horrible because I can’t help her, and I am struggling too…obviously not as much as she is but it’s hard.

The nurse didn’t ring on Tuesday. She didn’t ring on Wednesday; and she didn’t ring today. I’m annoyed because she seemed so understanding. She really seemed to get how difficult our lives were and she seemed trustworthy.

I phoned the service today at 4pm and said she was supposed to ring and hadn’t, and I was put through to her. She said she hadn’t rung because the meeting where she was going to talk about Anon with other services was cancelled…I don’t care, you should have phoned me to let me know that – we are hanging on by a thread and you are the only thing that can help us! It’s not okay to just not ring.

She seemed to have forgotten the severity of our situation when we spoke on the phone. She asked how Anon was (I replied that everyday was a struggle & her psychosis is constant), after a brief talk she asked if I was worried about Anon’s safety. I told her, yet again, that I am with Anon 24/7 to ensure she is safe. She can’t hurt herself because I am there. If I wasn’t watching her she would be dead by now.

The nurse said she will ring us next Tuesday. Sounds familiar. Tuesday is a long, long time away.

I phoned up Crisis Team again (was it Sunday or Monday?) and they weren’t at all helpful. I’m now phoning the GP to make an appointment with them, because we need help. I am tired of saying it.

We need help
We need help
We need help
Anon needs help
Help us

Nobody picked up at the GP surgery.

Our local surgery is so impossible to make appointments with, and if you go in to make one it’s still a huge wait. The last urgent appointment I could get for Anon was a telephone appointment and there was still over a week’s wait!

I have a GP appointment next week (only 1.5 weeks’ wait) to sort out my medication for mild-moderate depression. It’s very sad and absolutely disgusting that I will be seen, treated and on medication before anybody will help Anon…I have moderate depression and she is experiencing psychotic symptoms every single day!

I am furious. Where do you go for help??


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