4 week wait for the GP

I tried phoning the GP several times yesterday to make an appointment for Anon but the phone wasn’t answered.

Not only does she desperately need help for the psychosis, but there a few physical issues too…headaches & migraines (she gets them a lot, probably because of the constant adrenaline due to fear), and she has a lump behind her right ear. I think it’s a lymph node thing (is that what it’s called? She had something similar many years ago) but it’s stressing Anon out because to her ‘they’ have put an electronic chip under her skin ūüė¶

Anyway, today we walked into town and I went into try make an appointment for Anon.

It turns out there is a four week wait for a GP appointment with her Dr, even for an emergency appointment.

Seriously guys, what the fuck? I am so tired of this.

I am so tired of fighting this system that doesn’t give a fuck and is run so badly. A system that wants to push those¬†struggling with a mental illness aside and forget about them. A system where you have to wait a month just to see your GP…what the fuck.

The receptionist said she might be able to get me an appointment for Anon with a different GP, and I don’t get it. I spoke with several receptionists about which GP would be the best for Anon, and our current GP was said to be the most supportive and understanding of mental health issues.

It’s so important with someone who has a mental health condition that they are treated well and that they are treated by the same people, so they can build trust and a relationship. We have seen that GP once and are already having to see someone else, at a time when Anon finds talking to people terrifying.

We are going to have to tell the story from scratch; all the diagnoses, the symptoms, the appointments with Single Point of Access and Crisis Team not helping…and there’s no saying that the GP would even be understanding or try help us.

You might think I’m over-reacting, that of course a GP would help…well when we first joined that surgery we were given a terrible GP. Here’s the story:

Anon had been depressed for over 6 months and was feeling suicidal. She was on four different medications and they weren’t working. The GP didn’t listen about her depression, but instead spent half the appointment trying to talk to us about safe sex (really? We don’t need that, that’s not what we’re there for). The GP then said she had refilled Anon’s prescription and would see her again in six months time. And that was the only support we were getting at the time.

I don’t know if this blog makes sense. I am really angry and tired and just disgusted with it all.

I phoned the surgery back and asked for the soonest telephone appointment with ANY Dr, and it is next Wednesday in the evening. Five days away! For a telephone appointment!




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