1 call missed, no call back

Gog here.

Yesterday was the last time Anon had been told to take Valium, because the crap GP we saw optimistically said “things will be sorted by then and she will have an appointment with a psychiatrist” – HA!

We do still have a lot of Valium left over though, in case of emergency, because the dose we were supposed to take left Anon drooling in a chair unable to move.

The GP told me to give her up to 40mg a day, and I could give Anon 10mg at once if she was extremely anxious…I then read on a few drug info sites that only people with a tolerance should take 10mg at once. This was Anon’s first time taking Valium, AND she is sensitive to most meds. Wow.


If you remember, the mental health nurse from Single Point of Access was originally supposed to ring the Tuesday before last, but didn’t. You can read that here.

She then said she would phone us this (last) Tuesday, but because the Valium completely fucked with Anon’s sleep (which we spent so long sorting out prior to this…) we have been sleeping weird.

Anon takes a Valium, it knocks her out and she sleeps for 3-4 hours, she’s up for a few then supposed to take another Valium etc. So not only is her sleep screwed but mine too as I tried to fit around when she was awake.

This meant that when an unknown number phoned at 11am, which I have since traced back to the NHS, we were both asleep. Shiiiit.

Of course when I saw the missed call I tried to phone back, but it’s a number where they can call you but you can’t call them – you just get diverted to a message that says ‘we will try phone you again soon.’

Only they haven’t. 

That was Tuesday morning and now it’s almost exactly two days later and they haven’t tried to call once, and I can’t get in touch with them. I just want to type lots of expletives at the moment.

So much for “things being sorted”…

I don’t know who to ring or where to ask to get help. As if that isn’t confusing enough Anon is saying point blank she DOES NOT want to see anybody else, and especially not a psychiatrist. I completely get this. The last few appointments have done nothing but break her and destroy her trust in medical professionals.

She saw one person she liked and actually trusted; they let her down. Another Doctor told me to take her to A&E and get her sectioned. I wouldn’t trust them either!

There’s also the issue that almost all the psychiatrists we have seen have relied on bullying tactics, and have really pressured Anon into taking meds she doesn’t feel at all comfortable with. I have a few ways to get around this…

  1. Contact the psychiatrist via email before a physical appointment, so we can tell them which meds Anon would like to try, and they can research them / see what they think. Saves us going to a pointless appointment and being disappointed when they try give her Quetiapine again.
  2. Have a video call / appointment with the psychiatrist. That way Anon can be seen in an environment where she is comfortable, and she can have one of our animals nearby to comfort her. There’s no stress from travel to the appointment, it’s not in a scary place…let’s be honest it’s just much nicer
  3. Have negotiations about medications go between either myself and the psychiatrist, or Anon’s GP and the psychiatrist, over the phone. This has been done in the past; the first psychiatrist Anon saw was obnoxious so our fabulous GP at the time asked what med Anon wanted to be on and phoned the psychiatrist herself. A day later Anon was on a new med.

So. That’s where we’re at.


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