Well , it’s mania

Yesterday’s post was titled ‘Please tell me this isn’t mania…’ – I think you know where this is going.

Gog here!

Anon’s mania has been magnificently worse than yesterday. In 12 hours the difference in intensity was astounding.

We’ve only been noticing this mania brewing for four days at most, including today, and the initial signals were very easy to miss…Anon’s mood wasn’t in the pits and she wasn’t trembling with anxiety – hey that must mean she’s going manic!

God Bipolar sucks.

Yesterday we gave her a Valium, which did nothing other than make her seriously angry, antsy and feel like she was crawling out of her skin. It was horrible.

This morning her mania was already much worse: racing thoughts, inability to sit still, talking about nonsense, laughing all the time, impulsive ideas; the list goes on. And she had less sleep…she slept less than seven hours last night and usually needs around 10 hours sleep.

Early afternoon we agreed to give her 5mg of Abilify (a med she hasn’t taken for a long time due to akathisia as a side effect, but it’s the only anti-psychotic we have in the house that worked to some extent).

The med made her feel weird. Sleepy, stuffy headed and slow. She had a couple hours nap and was still groggy when she woke up. Tomorrow we will give her another 5mg, but later in the day / an hour or so before bed.

We need the NHS to offer us that appointment with a psychiatrist.

Nobody will prescribe anti-psychotic or mood stabilising medication until she has been seen by a psychiatrist, but they aren’t rushing her to see one. Neither of us can live this way. I hope she adjusts to the Abilify and it can help curb the mania AND psychotic symptoms a little…I just hope we have enough in the house to last us :/


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