Too manic to sit still too antsy to concentrate, sun is a shining and I am ready to go go go.

I want to go bring a new pet home, but we just brought home adorable Effie and we really shouldn’t…but I would if it wasn’t for Gog. I also want to go crabbing, but it’s 1*C outside right now and Gog will not sit still and crab in that temperature. I bet I could.

I want to move the furniture around in the house and shuffle it all about. We did some yesterday which Gog said he liked but Gog said he doesn’t want me shuffling for the sake of it because then I won’t like it and we’ll just have to hoik it all back – that’s part of the fun!!

I think we should go on a big huge day out. Take the train somewhere far away. Go to places we never usually get to go.

I’m itching to do things, big things. I keep having brain blanks my words can’t keep up with what I need to say and all my thoughts fight each other and get tangled. I sit and listen to music and just have these thoughts bubbling away and I rock and I laugh and I talk at a million miles an hour and I just have ENERGY.

This feels soooo good. I haven’t had a manic episode in so damn long, before this it was just psychosis with various big bouts of depression. This energy and zing feeels fantastic 😀

Even the hallucinations don’t bother me so much when I’m like this.

I shouldn’t listen to music. Music is bad when I’m manic, it makes me bounce off the walls even more. I like it. Gog limits how much music I listen to. A little is okay if I then go do something calming. Pfffft.

No med for me until night today ‘cos it messed with my head too much yesterday *happy dance*


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