You know you’re manic when…


  1. You can clearly see your sleep diminishing every night, until you’re sleeping less than a 1/3 of what you usually do
  2. You really want to do something (read a dog training book, play a video game, colour) but can’ t because you can’t concentrate or sit still enough – those things aren’t ACTIVE enough for you!
  3. You go from blogging / posting on the internet once every few days to several times a day
  4. You trawl the internet for something, ANYTHING, that will hold your attention (eg. I just discovered Pinterest today…nothing better than being able to search for pics of absolutely anything and be able to actively scroll through them all!)
  5. You are so irritable it scares you. A lot. But whatever annoyed you is forgotten about within seconds.
  6. You decide to bring home yet another pet, and although you know s/he will be looked after for life, loved, and live in the lap of luxury…you are aware the reason you want her so-so-so-so-so much is because your mood is elevated (I had previously promised to wait a few months before bringing this pet home)
  7. You just. can’t. stop! You’ve  moved furniture, tidied, walked the dogs, cleaned & fed the pets, been shopping, tidied more etc etc
  8. You cut all your hair off and given yourself a mohican. Yep, just happened. Ooops.
  9. Your partner is having to take several hours nap a day purely because he can’t keep up with you and your energy
  10. You’ve been physically on the go for 14 hours, have barely sat down, but do you need sleep? HELL NO, NOT FOR HOURS!
  11. When you fill in your mood chart you can clearly see that, in almost every way, your mood is climbing higher & higher…and it makes you smile, because you haven’t felt this good in over a year 😀
  12. Writing this blog is sapping too much concentration and you need to get up and go, so you end it even though there are lots more points you could write…

Woohoo, mania!


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