Another disgusted GP

Gog here.

Every time we go to the GP they ask what support we have been getting up until that point, and almost always we have to say none – “this service let us down, this one doesn’t pick up the phone, this one never got in touch and we don’t have contact details,” and so on and so forth.

Today’s appointment was no different.

Anon went in and talked about her symptoms, she was talking quickly and her speech was a little disjointed, but she was easy to understand and she did well.

The GP (who we had never seen before because Anon’s GP has been on holiday for the past month) was really good; she asked a few questions but mainly she was just absolutely disgusted that we have been left with absolutely no support for a month now, and for three months before that we had virtually no support.

When I told her that I had missed a call from a number, and when I tried to phone back an automated message said I couldn’t but they would call again, and they never did, the GP tutted, shook her head and muttered under her breath…Anon and I actually feel really reassured when the Doctor seems as frustrated with the system as we are, it means we’re not alone!

The GP said she wholeheartedly agrees that Anon needs to see a psychiatrist but, as ever, there is nothing she can do as she is a GP.

She is going to chase everything up as a matter of urgency, and as a result somebody should be in touch with us very soon. As we were leaving the appointment she actually thanked me for caring for Anon 24/7, which I thought was lovely and which has never happened before.

And that was our appointment.

I think it went really, really well – although we didn’t get any immediate help, it got the ball rolling again.


2 thoughts on “Another disgusted GP

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