Emergency GP appointment

Gog here.

I woke up from a nap last night (I HATE that I need sleep when Anon doesn’t…) to Anon being very ill.

She was incredibly antsy, talking fast, speeding, her thoughts were jumbled, she wasn’t making sense and, if we’d had a way to get to A&E, we would have both gone.

Today she woke up better but still not good. The mania seems to be creeping higher again.

I phoned up the GP and got an emergency call back and spoke with a good GP. I talked through Anon’s symptoms and when she asked the inevitable “has she spoken about trying to hurt herself?” question (if you say no to this, they won’t give you an appointment any time soon) I could honestly say yes, as at 4am she was all about hurting herself but couldn’t explain why…it wasn’t because she felt bad, or sad; it was more that she couldn’t deal with the energy that was rushing around her.

Anyway, to cut a long story short we have an urgent GP appointment with a female Doctor in forty minutes time.

Compared to our last good GP appointment where Anon was trembling hours beforehand, felt sick, couldn’t talk or even look at the Doctor, this time she is almost giddy. She is excited just to be talking to a stranger, and has so much energy she will no doubt come across as very personable, if a little…eccentric?

I just hope because she is manic they don’t think she’s okay and can be left alone even longer with no help.

Anon has written out pages and pages in a small notebook, ranging from her behavioural symptoms (can’t sit still, can’t concentrate, loses her thoughts, can’t focus in environments with stimulus etc), to what she does in a typical day, meds she is willing to take, and what she wants out of this appointment – because every medical professional we see seems to ask that, and then make no effort to make sure it happens 😛

Hopefully this will go okay and we can finally get some help.

I am dubious as Anon (quite rightly) wants the psych appointment to be closer, as the long travel time to the appointments with psychiatrists make her extremely anxious and make her symptoms drastically worse…I just don’t think a psych will be willing to travel to our GP surgery / house though.

I hope this GP is good and not like the last two


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