Psychiatrist ignores GP too!

Gog here.

Since the mania broke and Anon fell into a lovely, surprisingly deep, depression we have been struggling.

I don’t know which was worse, the mania or the depression…both can result in Anon harming herself.

Anon struggles more with the depressive side, maybe because these episodes are so common and long-lasting, but also because when she’s manic she has energy and can actually DO things. When she’s depressed even the smallest things sap a lot of her energy.

Earlier today (feels like yesterday to us as we’ve just had a 4 hour sleep!) I phoned the GP to ask for an update after the emergency appointment.

The appointment was only two days ago, but things are bad enough that I wanted to see how it was progressing & get across how urgent it was. Guess what the receptionist said after checking the system?

The GP has tried to get in touch with the psychiatric services to ask for a progress report on getting us an appointment with a psychiatrist, and they haven’t picked up or got back in touch.

The GP has tried to get in touch with them every day, and left a message saying please get back in touch as a matter of urgency. They haven’t.

Anon has said she is having flitting thoughts that suicide is the answer…I guess her previous blog shows that. I’m having to watch her carefully, and am trying very hard to be supportive, gentle and remind her of all the great things we have. She has responded well to this today and a few times has actually enjoyed herself. Better than yesterday!

Our sleep is messed up.

Anon has gone from sleeping 4 hours a night to needing at least 10 hours. We just woke up from a 4 hour sleep and forced ourselves out of bed…hopefully we can fall asleep around 3am and then get up at a respectable time.


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