They have to be joking, right?

Gog here.

I am furious. Fuming. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so angry.

I have been trying to get Anon help this time since early November. That is when we went to the GP and he first sent off the urgent referral to the psychiatrist.

Since then we didn’t receive a letter from Single Point of Access, meaning they discharged us without us knowing. I got in touch with the GP having not heard anything, he was annoyed at SPOA, and contacted them again.

We were then seen by Single Point of Access in late January, who then proceeded to mess us about and didn’t bother getting back in touch. Anon’s GP was off for a month so, after waiting until things were unbearably difficult, I phoned 111 early last month and had an emergency GP appointment where they prescribed Anon sedatives.

Another long gap and nothing was happening so I persuaded Anon to go to another emergency GP appointment early this month.

This GP was much better than the others and promised to chase it up; when I later phoned I was told she had tried phoning them every day but nobody had answered the phone or gotten back in touch.

That was over a week ago, and we haven’t heard anything since.

Then all of a sudden when we got home early evening today we had a letter.

Anon’s had an…okay-ish day today. I managed to get her out the house, but her anxiety has been sky high and she’s been quite low. Well the letter really didn’t help…you know what the wonderful NHS have done?

Only given us an appointment. For tomorrow. At the place where Anon has said she doesn’t want to go back to and with the person Anon asked not to see again.

And the appointment STILL isn’t with a psychiatrist!

Wow. Just wow.

What are they thinking?!

Also the letter says we’re to let them know ”within the next seven days” if we can make the appointment or not, even though the appointment is TOMORROW! Maybe I will just phone in five days time to cancel it, ha 🙂

Anon freaked out big time.

The person they have given her the appointment with triggers extremely bad memories in Anon (to be fair this person did do a stupid thing), and she also can’t understand why they would put this person back on her case when she has asked countless people to make sure it’s nothing to do with her.

On top of that the appointment is tomorrow…this is too short notice for Anon, she would not be able to sleep and the stress would most certainly bring on a migraine and possibly a severe mood episode.

Obviously we are not going to the appointment, and I guess I will phone and cancel it tomorrow. I am so angry they had better not try and argue with me because I think I might explode.

Where this leaves us I don’t know. Anon has lost trust in the system again, she really only wants to deal with her GP from now on, but he can’t prescribe her meds…


I really need to file a complaint. It is getting to the point where it is beyond ridiculous now.



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