He didn’t even try

Gog here.

I went to Anon’s GP appointment yesterday without her because she couldn’t face talking with a Doctor or leaving the house – her panic is unreal.

I told the GP what has gone wrong: we have been referred back to a service we last saw almost a year ago(which is fine), we got the letter the day before the appointment and Anon has been told the person dealing with her case is the social worker Anon hates – the one she asked everyone to make sure she she wouldn’t be referred back to. Oh, and the appointment STILL isn’t with that psychiatrist we’ve been waiting for since early November.

The GP was entirely unhelpful.

I had a list of things that maybe he could do to help: call the service himself and relay our worries; could the GP talk with the psychiatrist about medications so Anon could start one (several helpful GPs have done this in the past); could the GP contact the psychiatrist and ask if he could meet with us either at home, by video call or email?

The GP simply said “no” to everything, he wouldn’t even try. He then blamed the NHS cuts for him being so useless.

He also said that travelling to the appointment and physically going there was “part of the treatment”, meaning nobody would ever do home visits – to me this makes no sense whatsoever, because when somebody is so panicked and suicidal they can’t leave the house, it means they can’t get help!

I’m 99% certain him saying that is utter bullshit, too.

He had the philosophy that Anon just needs to ‘get over it’ and go to the appointment; he had no understanding that Anon is dealing with a constant barrage of psychosis, warped thoughts, terror, anxiety and low mood.

I don’t know where we go from here.

Anon wants to give up and stop trying to get help. I want to try phoning 111 again, as they actually helped last time, but if that fails possibly try persuade Anon to come to A&E with me, as we’ve been advised to do that several times by the charity Bipolar UK.

But if that goes wrong (which it probably would) Anon really wouldn’t ever want to see any Doctor ever again!


3 thoughts on “He didn’t even try

  1. I’m so, so sorry about the treatment services your friend is receiving at the moment. This is totally unacceptable, but then again it’s extremely common in the NHS these days!

    I had a similar situation when I was trying to get diagnosed with bipolar a few years back. The GP I went to see for a bad depressive spell I was under tried giving me antidepressants. A few years back, antidepressants sent me on a bad manic spell in which I started having extreme delusions about God and bad self injury episodes (I actually ended up with my daughter from it so not all bad, but because I truly believed ‘God put me on this earth to be a mother’ – baring in mind I wasn’t remotely religious OR maternal at the time!). Anyway, he ignored this episode, and hencefourth I ended up manic again. I went back a month later scared out of my mind and told him I’d been hallucinating and do you know what his words were?

    “Stop overthinking things.”

    I reported him and then another two doctors later I finally found the right one, one who understood and the one who fought for me all the way on the path to my diagnosis and to the right treatment.

    Please tell your friend not to give up hope. Tell them this story if it helps. And the thing about them not coming out and do home visits is bullshit!!

    Please encourage them as much as you can, it might save their life someday.

    Take care ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Thank you so much for this comment 🙂

      She’s actually my girlfriend and I am her full-time carer, so it’s essentially my job 24/7 to keep her safe and help her feel as okay as she can…we’re very lucky to have each other and are absolutely in love, but it breaks my heart that she feels the urge to kill herself and believes it would be better for me if she was gone.

      I’m sorry you experienced such crap treatment from the NHS too, but I’m glad you pushed through it and were able to find a good Doctor…I hope you’re doing better now, and hopefully we can manage to do something similar!

      I am saddened but totally unsurprised that a Doctor told you to “stop overthinking things” about your hallucinations – I spoke with a Doctor maybe a month ago about my partner’s psychosis and the Doctor actually said to me “What do you want me to do about it?”, he then implied that I should just take her to A&E and ask to get her sectioned…it really is disgusting 😦

      Thanks again, you take care too!


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