I made a snuggle den

Alongside feeling depressed today I felt physically ill too…not my usual head / back / neck pain, more an overall feeling of having a cold.

I kept getting hot, then really cold, and my head felt like it was stuffed with cotton wool. I was exhausted too, but I’ve been sleeping extra and feeling tired anyway.

We got rid of our couch a few weeks ago, because my partner’s weird and sits on the floor most the time; it was really just taking up room. Getting rid of it opened up a lot of extra space in our living room, so today we created a ‘snuggle den’.

We collected several sleeping bags, half a dozen blankets and pillows, and made a little nest-like area in the room. The really cool thing is that it happens to be underneath where we stuck a load of hand-drawn ‘memory photographs’, so I can lay there and look up and see special memories 🙂

It’s a good place to bury in and lose myself, and me and my partner just fit side-by-side so it’s really snug and safe. Definitely something I’m going to try utilise when I need somewhere to hide, either from depression or psychotic symptoms.

Because the snuggle den is under the stairs, our dogs have their own smaller version too!

I opened the cupboard under the stairs, which is about 3ft x 2ft with a sloping roof, and put the old couch cushions and some blankets under there. Our younger dog loves it already 🙂

Here’s a photo of our wall of memories from when we first stuck them up, and you can just see the cupboard that makes the doggy den too!



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