Staying indoors

At the moment, because I’m in a big depressive episode, I’m rarely leaving the house.

Before this I was manic; I was doing four or five dog walks a day lasting 30-90 minutes at a time, plus going out into the world and enjoying myself…as of right now I haven’t even managed one dog walk in several days, and I haven’t left the house at all for half a week now.

A lot of professionals try and tell me to force myself to go out when I’m feeling depressed and wanting to stay in – go on dog walks, see friends, have a night out etc etc. – contrary to popular belief, doing that really doesn’t help me. It stresses me out and always triggers higher levels of hallucinations, paranoia and depression.

Everyone is an individual, and what might work for thousands of people won’t work for everyone.

Anyway, I’m spending so much time indoors my partner had the idea of tidying the place up and making it look nicer. He wants it to be a cosier place to spend my time and recuperate.

Tomorrow we paint our small living room.

At the moment the walls are plain white (which I can’t stand) with an old faded orangey carpet and reddish curtains. My partner went out and bought some paint today, one blue-ish grey and one darker grey. We’re painting two walls each colour.

Alongside that we are doing general tidying and hanging up paintings, so there are splashes of colour and happiness everywhere.

The one room we have more or less finished (other than painting) is awesome. It’s a really nice place to hole up and relax 🙂


2 thoughts on “Staying indoors

    • Painting the walls has actually turned out to be quite easy, and something I can easily lose hours in…we just finished painting the room and it looks great 😀

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