No need to be aggressive

I stumbled across this blog recently, where the author was talking about Easter and being vegan.

The statement was made that “Vegan chocolate is great, and it exists, and it’s great, and it tastes no difference to “normal” milk chocolate”.

I highly disagree with this – chocolate was the one thing I really, really missed as a vegan. I was vegan over six years, and that entire time I hated the taste of vegan chocolate. I commented this on the blog, and I guess I didn’t get my tone across very well.

I wasn’t trying to be a dick – it’s easy to come across as saying something completely different on the internet, because there’s no tone or body language to accompany it. I was trying to say I really didn’t agree that vegan chocolate “tastes no different” to dairy chocolate and that, while I loved vegan equivalents of other foods, vegan chocolate to me is gross.

I then got this wonderful and needlessly aggressive response from her:

This made absolutely no sense to me.

Why would you be so automatically aggressive? Can you not understand that maybe the way you’re taking the comment is not the way it was intended?

I’m always so happy to read comments and, if I don’t understand them or feel they’re perhaps hurtful, I try read them from all angles. I appreciate any and all comments, and I’ve made some wonderful friends through wordpress. I try hard to be polite to everyone who takes the time to read and respond to my blogs…so it seems weird to me that someone would jump straight to insults.

I replied saying I was merely stating a different opinion, and I don’t understand how I was trying to “sneak” a comment through her comment system – I didn’t have to give my name, email address, or fill in a form. I merely typed the comment into the box like I do with any other wordpress blog – you can see it here.

I also explained that I had Bipolar disorder, and due to my psychosis / paranoia I like to remain as anonymous as possible on the internet (this is why comments on blogs show up as being written by ‘ME’ – oddly enough nobody else has ever had a problem with this).

You can see my response to her comment ‘awaiting moderation’ here:

Well, the author of the blog didn’t approve my last comment, so all you can see on her blog now is my first comment and then her excessively aggressive response.

You can stumble across all sorts of nasty people on the internet…but in this case, there was just no need for it.

It’s irritating when you call someone out on their aggression and they don’t have the guts to post the full story, or respond. So here it is.

Petty doing this? Eh, almost definitely.

But I just don’t care anymore.


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