Bipolar UK

We’re doing a joint post today about a really incredible charity.

Bipolar UK is a “charity dedicated to supporting individuals with the much misunderstood and devastating condition of bipolar, their families and carers”

We have contacted this charity many times, both via email and telephone, and every time they have been amazingly helpful and overwhelmingly understanding. We want to use this post to say THANK YOU to them and, if any readers are feeling charitable, please donate as this charity does so much good.

This charity offers advice on a variety of topics, but unlike other charities we have asked for advice from they do seem to care and really go out of their way to help.

We have spoken with the mental health charity Mind several times over the years, and they have never offered any useful advice or seemed to really give a rat’s ass about us – in fact the last time Gog rang was because Anon was psychotic and suicidal, and we were struggling to get help from the NHS. Mind talked to Gog about breathing techniques, and said that a volunteer could come see us weekly to “offer us structure”…um, no, thanks!

Bipolar UK on the other hand have offered practical help & advice many times – let’s use when Gog phoned them today as an example.

If you follow this blog you will know that we have been really struggling with getting help, and getting Anon to a psychiatrist for medication…the NHS seem hell bent on making her have a dozen appts with various other people but refuse to let her see a psych any time soon.

We took her to A&E the other day at the recommendation of 111, and it went disastrously wrong. Gog is really struggling to find any method of helping her… 😦

So he phoned Bipolar UK. Gog says:

“The man on the other end of the phone listened patiently as I told the story. I stumbled through and spoke for around fifteen minutes, and they were sympathetic when I explained how the hospital had set the police onto Anon.

I told them how the local mental health service refused to send anybody out to see us at home, or at our local GP practice, or talk to us via video call – all ideas we came up with because we could cope with them.

I told them that getting to appointments rocketed Anon’s anxiety, and that travelling 40 minutes on public transport to appointments was not possible. 

The advice I got was fantastic.

They were sorry the NHS had been so unhelpful, and then the man said he would go speak to somebody else to get their advice as well. I spoke with two different people, and they turned our day around…Anon and myself were both stressed, and struggling to find hope. After the phone call we have a plan of action, and we feel empowered. 

Bipolar UK have advised us to phone the GP surgery tomorrow and tell the receptionist that we need an emergency appointment. They told me I didn’t have to tell the receptionist why we needed an appointment, I can literally say “you don’t need to know that, I need an emergency appointment, please make one” – we have had a lot of trouble in the past with receptionists saying that, as I am with Anon and prevent harm to herself, she is not in danger and so does not qualify for urgent appointments. 

At the GP appointment I am to tell the GP that we need an urgent referral to a psychiatrist – NOT an appointment with social worker OR single point of access; but a psychiatrist.

We have jumped through hoops for the past four months; it has not helped and it has not got us to a psychiatrist. We NEED a psychiatrist, we need medication, so please sort us out an appointment with one.”

That is our plan – so simple, yet we would never have thought of it or had the confidence to go through with it 🙂

Alongside that Bipolar UK also complimented Gog several times and said what a helpful and amazing person he is – Anon is always telling him this, but nobody else does. At the end of the phone call as Gog was saying goodbye, the man on the other end also asked if he was okay, wanted to talk about himself, and checked he had support – just lovely.

Thank you so much Bipolar UK.

You have helped us many times. You’ve given us hope and confidence and we trust you infinitely more than the NHS. I wish we had more money so we could give to you more!

To anyone struggling with Bipolar, check out this charity, and again if you can spare a little for them please do, because they’re amazing 🙂


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