Mania & sleep

Gog here.

Still we trudge through Anon’s manic episode. It’s become our nightly ritual that I sit with her and help her understand how manic she is – according to her she’s stable, not manic, and if I didn’t insist she would mark that down on her mood chart.

Considering we want to use this chart as a reference, and as evidence to various professionals in the future, it’s important it’s accurate.

Every night we sit down and Anon begins to fill the chart in, and I have to gently disagree and say “let’s think over today, do you remember how you haven’t been able to sit still at all? And you’ve had to keep moving? Maybe we should lower that point…”

I’ll point out her different scores (particularly the sleep, ability to sit still and concentrate, and racing thoughts) and guide her to the understanding that her mania rating needs to be more than 5/10 – suicidal is 0, extremely manic is 10, stable is 5.

I could just let her fill it in herself and edit it later, but I think trying to help her understand and recognise she is manic is better.

Her sleep has been abysmal since 4th May now. The night before last we decided she should take 2.5mg of Valium, as she wanted to get some sleep (oh how she HATES not being able to sleep at night!) and I wanted to prevent the mania from climbing. That night she had 10 hours sleep, today she got 9.5, including 7 hours overnight and several naps.

Here’s the past week in sleep:

6 hours broken sleep
5 hours (including a nap)
6 hours broken sleep
5 hours broken sleep
4 hours broken sleep
10 hours good sleep (Valium)
9.5 hours, mix of broken and good sleep (including naps)

To say this has been going on so long now, and she usually sleeps 9-10 hours a night, she must have one hell of a deficit…

She’s asked for another 2.5mg of Valium again tonight. I know she isn’t currently prescribed it and no Doctor would be happy we were using it like this, but she needs to sleep, and if the NHS won’t offer us any help I don’t know what else we can do.

I’ve noticed after a decent night’s sleep the mania seems less intense…she’s slightly more able to sit and focus on activities, and she seems happier instead of exploding with energy or rage.

Aside from sleep we’re still doing pretty good; Anon is handling this manic episode like a champ and trying hard. I just want to try prevent it climbing higher.

Nobody from the NHS has been in touch. We have received no help since we started fighting for it in November 2015, and we still haven’t heard from the place that the GP said would get in touch asap – we were told that on April 7th.

I don’t really mind because I think the reason Anon is doing so well is that we aren’t pushing for help and dealing with stressful appointments…I just think the NHS is absolutely disgusting when it comes to mental health.


2 thoughts on “Mania & sleep

  1. Your GP should be able to refer you for a mental health assessment with a psychiatrist, who can then prescribe Meds and a treatment plan. It’s totally unacceptable that you’ve been waiting for help for that long, although some areas of the country have better mental health services than others. I wish you all the best and hope you can find some help soon.

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    • Thank you for the comment.

      When we originally went to our GP early last November, we were told we were getting an urgent referral to a psychiatrist – unfortunately when that eventually came around, we found out on the day of the appointment that it was with a mental health nurse, and NOT a psychiatrist!!

      Since then we’ve just been waiting and waiting…I’ve dragged Anon to close to a dozen GP appointments, each time saying we needed to see a psychiatrist as we needed medication; I’ve phoned the service that we would see the psychiatrist under several times, and again been told to wait and that they’ll be in touch…

      When Anon was extremely depressed we even went to A&E, as the person on 111 I spoke with said we would get fast-tracked to a psychiatrist there and prescribed medication…that experience went terribly, and has made Anon never want to get help again – they left us waiting for hours, then after we checked out at reception (as it was making Anon worse), we found out 30 minutes later they had contacted the police and told them she had ‘escaped’ and was ‘a danger to herself’. The police were out patrolling for her, and had been told to bring her in for sectioning!

      We’re at the point where I don’t know who to ring, and Anon is terrified of every service because they’ve all treated her badly…she was much sicker when we trying to make appointments and see people, I can only imagine how stressful it really was for her. Not sure where that leaves us either ha ha, but we’ll keep trying!

      Again thank you for the comment, and I’m sorry I waffled in return!

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