Panicking, don’t know why. I think because I’ve talked a lot about MH appts today and I really do think after all the trauma of those last appts, I’m damaged. I get so anxious.

Even thinking about those last appts has me panicked, trembling and nauseous. When my partner tries to talk about going to an appt in the future, I have a panic attack.

I’m sat here with my heart racing, head hurting; can’t think or sit still or concentrate. Don’t know how I’m supposed to deal with this.

I’ve been chatting to my parents and my partner, playing with my pets, for 45 minutes now and I’m freaking out worse than ever.

My partner gave me half a Valium (we still have some left over from the disastrous GP appt months ago), I really hope it will help calm me.

My mood is so extremely low. Tired of this struggle.


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