This isn’t real

Spacey-head ‘the world’s not real’ has struck.

I know 100% the world isn;t real. I know I’m not typing this I’m not thinking this I’m not in control of this. I know somebody is controlling me but sometimes their control slips and I know, I realise.

I know this. This is truth. I know it just how anybody reading this blog knows if they hold out a book and let go it will fall to the floor and not float to the ceiling.

People don’t understand that telling me things aren’t real and expecting me to go “oh shit, you’re right!” doesn’t work…because if I told you to look at the sky, and that the sky was actually red not blue, you wouldn’t believe it.

Me and my partner try have a thing where I believe him, whatever he says I have to believe him…if says something I’m thinking isn’t true or something I’m seeing isn’t there, I’m supposed to try my hardest to believe he’s telling the truth. But obviously it’s not easy. At all.

I can sit here and think “this isn’t real, nobody’s controlling me” over and over until the cows come home…but I’m still not going to believe what I’m telling myself, because my reality is saying different.

I can;t work out if it’s me typung this or them.


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