Dude seriously?!

I woke up before 6am today after having over a dozen consecutive nightmares.

I’ve woken up feeling traumatised haha…I mean, not really, but I feel pretty damn anxious and scared.

I know there were some I haven’t remembered. Others are feelings of dread with a vague storey line, or just one character from the dream but no idea what else happened…others I can remember fairly clearly.

In every nightmare towards the end, I knew I was dreaming and that things were going to go seriously wrong, but I couldn’t wake myself up.

Yelling at the top of my voice worked for a while (or at least I thought it did in the dream, I’m not sure I really woke up at all now). I was jumping through windows, causing myself pain, flailing my body madly in a hope it would wake me up…only to fall straight into another nightmare.

I woke up at 5.50am to a tremendous, house-shaking bang…only I don’t think it was real anymore, I think that was the ‘icing on the cake’ nightmare 😛

Nightmares are kinda like scary hallucinations, only as you sleep. You’re just as powerless to stop them.

Regardless I was glad to actually be awake, and then I started worrying that our fish tank had exploded or something and that was the bang, so I got up out of bed and called my partner, who was out walking one of the dogs.

He should be back any minute. I’m seriously not going back to sleep…


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