Ugh. Ugh. And ugh.

I have had so many seizures today.

I think this has been my worst day, ever, for seizures.

The morning was fine, I was in a good mood and we had an awesome walk to the beach with one of our dogs…then it all went downhill from there >__<

I had a huge spurt of seizures, over half a dozen complex partial seizures and then a huge big one where I lost consciousness. And of course that was whilst my partner was out the house, which is scary in itself AND I dropped and damaged my laptop. God damnit.

Then I felt extremely sick and was sluggish, slow and spacey headed for hours and hours and hours afterwards. Couldn’t function well at all. Food helped a little, but my head wasn’t right the rest of the day.

Then late at night my head got worse again…I had about eight complex partial seizures, another big seizure, then my body was slow at coming back…I could move my eyes but couldn’t move my hands or talk, for about 45 minutes I couldn’t talk at all as much as I wanted to, then I had another big seizure.


I hope tomorrow is better. Yesterday was great, I had a few partial seizures and that was it…so damn unpredictable 😥

Finally, we have a bit of an announcement…. *drum roll*

We are getting a fourth dog, and our fourth dog is going to be an actual official seizure alert and assistance dog. He will come from a very good breeder, with sound dogs that are all health tested, and I will be working with a nearby training facility and later a company that trains assistance dogs.

From there we will do our public access test, and I will have a dog that can come with me everywhere…he will alert me to seizures, ground me during seizures or dissociation, interrupt behaviours, alert to panic and anxiety, and block me from members of the public. Oh, and because he will be able to come to medical appts, I will be able to go to appts again!!

Yaaaaaaaaay ^__^

We have a Go Fund Me campaign, so if anybody could share this on their social media that would be so helpful…and if anyone wants to donate that would be absolutely amazing but please don’t feel you have to at all!

Thank you from us!




2 thoughts on “Ugh. Ugh. And ugh.

  1. I hope your tomorrow is waaaaay better. That seizure alert service dog sounds so awesome. My dad has epilepsy and we’ve been trying to think of a way where he can be more independent and not stuck in the house so often because we’re hardly around. We don’t want him falling and cracking his skull open or something horrible. I researched those dogs more and they sound so amazing. Thank you for writing about your experiences and sharing things like this with all of us!

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    • Thanks. Today has been a hideously rough day. It’s my birthday in a few days and I honestly can’t think of a time I’ve felt worse or been struggling more – not a good time for a birthday! 😛

      I’m sorry to hear about your dad. Where do you live? Any chance you could owner train a seizure alert dog? There are programs that will place an already trained dog (especially in America), but because we live in the UK we’re getting an 8 week old puppy and will train it from scratch…we’ve got a lot of experience training dogs, and also have a great trainer nearby who is going to help us throughout the journey…you can train seizure alert dogs to do all sorts though, such as guiding a person to safety after alerting to an oncoming seizure, bringing emergency meds, bringing a phone etc.

      Service dogs are expensive, but atm I don’t have a life at all and I can’t hold on much longer.


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