My life is a tangle of various chronic illnesses.

A few weeks ago my seizures were atrocious, and my psychosis was incredibly difficult to live with. Then I had six days with minimal seizures, and during this time my mood was incredibly low and I spent a lot of time crying and hating myself.

Yesterday my seizures started up again. I had over a dozen yesterday, I had a few this morning and then starting around lunch time I’ve had absence seizures at fairly regular intervals for the past three hours.

In the background, as ever, there’s the insistent pressure of anxiety.

Ugh. Tired of this. Was really hoping my seizures would stay low until after Christmas, but it’s not looking that way. I’d love to have a nice seizure-free Christmas and be able to remember it!!


4 thoughts on “Knots

    • Thank you!! We ended up celebrating Christmas yesterday haha, because I woke up without having seizures so we thought we’d exchange presents whilst the going was good 🙂 I ended up having loads of seizures hahaha but we had a lovely day anyway 🙂


      • Only if I’ve hurt myself during them and it requires hospital attention. Luckily hasn’t happened so far! I’ve got a black eye and bit my tongue during seizures (thought I’d lost a tooth at first before I worked out it was my tongue bleeding!!) but nothing that needed hospital attention 🙂


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