I’m Gog (not my real name, Anon would like us to remain anonymous!) and am the partner and full time carer of Anon. We have been together since August 2009 and have been fighting her battle with Bipolar Disorder pretty much since the beginning. Before meeting Anon I had no experience with mental illness in the slightest, it has been a difficult journey but one that has taught me so much about Bipolar, being a carer and all of the support (or lack there of!) available. I have wanted for some time to use everything I’ve learnt over the years to help others struggling in similar situations. I feel I have a pretty unique viewpoint on the subject that I hope you find an interesting contrast to Anon’s.


I am writing under the name Anon as I suffer from paranoia and disclosing who I am would not help that 😉 I have struggled with mental health problems practically all my life, but up until I was in my late teens I assumed it was normal to feel the way I did.

In October 2008 I met my partner Gog at university, and eventually we began dating. I can’t begin to describe what an amazing, inspirational and awesome person he is. He has helped me through some incredibly tough times, and continues to support me and fight for me at every available opportunity. I am diagnosed primarily with Bipolar Disorder and it took six years to reach that diagnosis from when my manic symptoms began. As well as writing I love animals, playing video games and reading.

Please note: if we are writing a joint blog post, we will try remember to put things Anon writes in italics, and things Gog writes in bold for easier reading!

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