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Do you care deeply about someone who has a severe mental illness? Perhaps you want to learn more about what it’s like to live with Bipolar Disorder or psychosis?

This is the place where I will clump posts that talk in-depth about what it is like, for ME, to live with mania, depression, anxiety and psychosis. I will also be adding posts I love from other blogs at the bottom.

Please note: everybody experiences Bipolar in their own way, and what I describe won’t be how Bipolar feels for everyone else…but it might give you an insight into how much we struggle, and how hard we fight.

Our good days – Talking about the difficulty of having invisible illnesses, the stigma that surrounds them, and how what may count as a great day for us sufferers would most likely be thought of as a terrible day for most other people.

I am not lucky to be Bipolar – old blog before the psychosis became constant. This is in reference to the people / sites that try say someone is ‘lucky’ to have Bipolar…our response is that Anon is not lucky because, well, it *really* sucks!

A long day at A&E – in April 2016 we went to A&E due to the intensity of Anon’s suicidal thoughts. We had been advised to go by several people (including NHS 111), and agreed because we were told it was the fastest route to get the meds she desperately needs. At A&E we were treated badly, ignored, and then when we left they actually reported us to the police and asked them to bring Anon in to be sectioned. Serious mental illnesses are treated so badly in the UK, and it only furthers feelings of shame, loneliness and hopelessness.

The problems with PIP – talking about how hard it is for people with severe mental illnesses to get the monetary help they deserve. Goes through the procedure and our experience, and if you are claiming / appealing PIP please check out the website posted in this blog as it is incredibly helpful for PIP and other benefits.

Try understand how hard it is – a post about the various things Anon battles with everyday. This post lists the stress of anxiety and panic, the terror of psychosis, and the exhaustion of managing mania and depression

In which Anon is broken – this a great post written by a carer, but taking you through the difficulties of the Bipolar individual too.Also explains how a simple GP appointment can be so difficult for somebody who is mentally ill.

Real or not real? – this is a post written on my other blog, which is usually about our pets, but here I talk about why it is hard to live with constant psychotic symptoms, and how they physically affect me too.

Dogs for disabled people – post about how a psychiatric assistance / service dog could help Anon (and many others with mental illnesses), but how there are no assistance dogs for mental health problems in the UK.


Other blogs that can help you understand:

Let’s Talk Schizoaffective – Symptoms of psychosis and a lot of frank advice about ‘recovery’ and how you can function day-to-day.

Bipolar: Do’s and Dont’s of giving help – this is a really fantastic post. It first lists briefly the symptoms and different types of Bipolar disorder, and then goes on to give two very accurate lists of how you should and shouldn’t help someone with Bipolar disorder. The “Don’t” list is amazing, and well worth a read for all carers, family members or friends.

Worst things to say to someone with Bipolar Disorder – Great, extensive list of things that aren’t helpful to say to someone suffering from Bipolar Disorder, and a list of supportive things to say too.

Stigmatizing Suicide – great post about why suicide is NOT cowardly, and that it must be so hard for the suicidal person to make that decision – it’s not about wanting to die, it’s about wanting the pain to stop.

Invisible Illness & Pain – this post does a great job of conveying how much stigma still surrounds mental illness today. It lists a number of symptoms for depression, explains how a chronic mental illness can drain a person, and reminds carers / friends / family that saying “just get over it” is a ridiculous thing to say.

Bipolar – Not what you think – a nice succinct post about why it’s harmful for people to say “I’m so Bipolar” or “the weather is so Bipolar!” I hear people saying this a lot, and then if I bring it up, they can’t understand why it is hurtful…


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