So many emails

Anon’s carer here.

Things continue to be the worst they have ever been, although Anon doesn’t seem quite as desperate today.

So many hours over the past week has been spent with Anon crying hysterically, it has been very distressing. I’ve spent the last few days emailing everybody I can think of (Mind and other mental health charirties, CAB) asking for advice and information about various things.

The charity Bipolar UK¬†really helped us last time Anon contacted them, and gave us lots of really useful information. I’m hoping they can help again.

I’ve been looking into advocacy, to support us at appointments. Anon is not in a good place ¬†for appointments, and even I can be intimidated by Doctors and Social Workers, and find it hard to tell them when they are wrong, or not understanding the situation (which happens all the time).

It would be really helpful if we could get an advocate to talk to us beforehand, so they knew what we were going through and what we want, then sit in appointments and help speak up against the Doctors.

I think it might help Anon feel more secure, but I’m not sure if we’d qualify for an advocate or how to get help from one.

Just waiting for about a dozen email responses…