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A collection of posts that we feel, for whatever reason, are important.


Posts on symptoms

I hate this illness

Several weeks’ wait

And depression follows mania

I’m not Bipolar


Advice to MH medical professionals

Don’t stop fighting! – advice to spoonies

Posts on the NHS

In which Anon is broken… – fairly short post detailing Anon’s GP appt when she was very anxious and psychotic

Pills, meds, side effects – the NHS messing us about and discharging us because we didn’t respond to a letter we never got. Also talks about meds.

Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Team – the useless service! – recent and past dealings with CRHT, and how absolutely grotesque they have been

The lies and the appointment – our appt with a psychiatrist finally rolls around, only of the morning we find out it’s with a mental health nurse not, in fact, a psychiatrist. They then lie to us again about seeing a psychiatrist immediately after the appt.

We are forgotten – the mental health nurse that promised to ring didn’t, and then expected us to wait another week in crisis. Another lengthy weight for an appt when we contacted our GP surgery.

4 week wait for the GP – a 4 week wait to see a Dr is ridiculous, especially when we know other GPs at our surgery can’t be trusted and have no sympathy for invisible illnesses.

NHS: won’t help, will section you – several back-to-back appts in one day with abysmal GPs, one told me to ‘just get [Anon] sectioned’ and another prescribed meds to knock her out!

They have to be joking, right? – waiting four months to see a psychiatrist and they still expect us to see a social worker several times first.

A long day at A&E – our absolutely shocking treatment at A&E where, after I checked us out and we went home, they called the police on Anon.

A&E, sectioning & medication – 111 fail us and again it’s mentioned Anon could be sectioned.

Posts on benefits

The problems with PIP

Money struggles

Knocked down