So tired, can’t sleep

Fatigue immense. Body is trying to make my sleep pattern nocturnal & idk why…it usually happens in summer, so that’s weird.

I knit hats, so here are some pics as I’m too tired to type.

We’re being hit by a storm tomorrow, scared it’ll trigger a migraine (weather changes = huge trigger).

And that reminded me of the storm where we lost power for 4 days (no heating, lights, phone reception, transport). I dug out the pics, so might as well share them too…

This was the main road into town:

It was 6C indoors hence all the blankets haha. I have cold urticaria & am extremely sensitive to the cold!

I’m thinking about changing the name of this blog as I have so many physical conditions finally recognised now (which I had to fucking discover for myself, thanks NHS for leaving me struggling & in pain for years, whilst telling me it was all in my head 🙄)…not sure what to yet though 🤔



2am arrived last night and by then I’d only 5.5 hours sleep in three nights…I was feeling tearful and totally stressed; I just wanted sleep.

It was then I remembered Trazodone, the anti-depressant I was prescribed a year ago. I asked Gog if we still had any Trazodone in the house and he went hunting.

Although Trazodone is an anti-depressant, many places say it is rarely used for that purpose these days and is more commonly prescribed for sleep problems (god knows why the GP gave me it for Bipolar depression…), and I knew from past experience that this med made me sleepy.

My partner dug up some old pills and I had 50mg, which is a very small dose. Guess what?


I feel so much better now, I’ve actually smiled and laughed today 🙂

Now I wouldn’t normally take random old meds in the house (they were in date though!) but…

  1. I had been on Trazodone before; it had no side effects, no affect on my low mood BUT it did force me to sleep!
  2. The GP is shut until the 29th December, and quite frankly if I had to go that long without sleep I think I’d be feeling seriously ill
  3. Today local transport is cancelled due to severe weather and flooding, so even if we did decide to go to A&E and ask them to help me sleep (and I’d really feel like I was wasting their time) it would be an absolute nightmare to get there!

So I thought fuck it. I took some old meds to help me sleep, and they did just that…and if by some miracle they do help raise my mood, that would be wonderful.

I’ll probably continue taking Trazodone at a low dose until the GP opens.